August, 2000

Fifty kindred souls, all with ties to the late Mary Lydia Tabor and William Jesse Lewis, gathered at the Dan Springs Baptist Church in the Brush Creek Community of North Carolina on August 5, 2000 for what everyone hopes is the first of many family reunions.  This little church is within walking distance of the Tabor-Lewis mountain house that has provided much pleasure for the family for 66 years.

The new kitchen and dining hall and picnic area in the churchyard provided a very nice place for the reunion organized by Dian Creighton Woodruff and Frederick Creighton.  Ham, turkey, and rotisserie chicken, along with all the other things that complimented the entrees, made up the menu for lunch.  Michael Creighton and Lydia Nelson provided entertainment after the meal. It was the first time that this many of the family had ever been together at the same time and place, so getting reacquainted with cousins not seen in a while was the top order of the day. 

Folks came from far and wide - California, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. 


Berg, Ann Tabor Lewis
Berg, Debbie
Berg, Kristina
Berg, Larry
Berg, Tim
Berg, Walter
Creighton, Alex
Creighton, Allen
Creighton, Andrea
Creighton, Burns
Creighton, Cathy
Creighton, Fred
Creighton, Lauren
Creighton, Linda
Creighton, Mary Lou Lewis
Creighton, Michael
Creighton, Sara
Creighton, Tim
Creighton, Victoria
Farrow, Phil
Farrow, Sandra Creighton
Gootee, Jason
Hudgins, MarthaLouise Lewis
Hudgins, Pamela
Lewis, Ginger
Lewis, Jesse
Lewis, Margaret
Lewis, William
Mercer, Devon
Mercer, Donna Schumaker
Mercer, Robert
Mercer, Whitney
Nelson, David
Nelson, Elizabeth
Nelson, Lanie
Nelson, Lydia Hudgins
Saarikko, Christer
Schumaker, Dave
Schumaker, Mary Love Lewis
Smith, Bradley
Smith, Guy
Smith, Jennifer
Smith, Linda Creighton
Tyler, Cathy Schumaker
Tyler, Debra
Tyler, Julie
Tyler, Tim
Woodruff, Dian Creighton
Woodruff. Don
Woodruff, Nicole
Thirty-eight of us were able to attend worship services at the little church the next morning where we nearly overwhelmed them in numbers.  Had we not been there, they would only have had 18 present counting the pastor.  So thrilled they were that they took up the collection twice, then invited us to come back again any time.

As usual in things like this, it was tough to say good-bye.  But all good things must end, and there were many hugs and handshakes, along with promises to do it again.


Allen &  Andrea Creihton
Brad Smith
Jennifer Smith
Burns & Cathy Creighton
Dave & Mary Love
Fred & Sara Creighton
Tim & Kristina Berg
Larry & Debbie Berg
Debra Tyler
Julie Tyler
Devon Mercer
Whitney Mercer.
Robert & Donna Mercer
Tim & Cathy Tyler
Jesse & Margaret Lewis
David Nelson
Lanie Nelson
Eliz. Nelson
Nicole Woodruff & Chris Saarikko
Phil & Sandra Farrow
Tim & Victoria Creighton
Michael & Linda Creighton
Don & Dian Woodruff
William & Ginger Lewis
Sorry, I didn't get everybody's picture.  Some just didn't record properly;  others I just missed.   We'll just have to repeat the event next year to complete the gallery......

Walter Berg

Mary Lou Creighton

Guy & Linda Smith
Lydia Nelson
Pam Hudgins
Alex & Lauren Creighton